Thank you for your interest in the Students of the International Positive Psychology Association (SIPPA) Mentoring Program!

SIPPA’s Mentoring Program was developed as a way to provide continued commitment to providing students support at all levels of professional growth and development. This program helps connect current graduate and undergraduate students with professionals and other graduate students who are interested in providing mentorship.

Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, and Robert Vallerand, PhD, meet with students at the Fourth World Congress on Positive Psychology

The vision and intention of the program is to create authentic and meaningful relationships within the positive psychology community, and to see our community grow and thrive.  Additionally, SIPPA’s Mentoring Program will be offering coaching and development webinar workshops throughout the year!  Our goal is to make learning and growth accessible.  We understand life can be busy, so we are creating several opportunities to connect.

Please consider reviewing SIPPA’s Mentoring Guide (coming soon!) for recommendations to make the mentor–mentee relationship as positive and productive as possible. Note that none of the recommendations within this document are required or enforced, and only serve to provide suggestions.

Participating in SIPPA’s Mentoring Program is an IPPA and SIPPA member benefit. Only active members will have access to mentor information.


Mentors should be authentically using positive psychology in their current roles and settings to serve as a mentor. Each mentor is expected to provide professional support to a minimum of one candidate for at least one academic year – group mentoring is also available!  Group mentoring is a great way to generate impactful growth conversations and to create diversity in mentorship.  Just imagine the impact of connecting with students globally?!  Have more questions on group mentorship and how it can work, check out SIPPA’s Mentoring Guide.

Upon registering as a mentor, you will be added to the list of potential mentors. You will be notified if a mentee requests you as a mentor, at which point you will receive the mentees profile to determine fit. Mentors have the option to turn down a particular request due to inadequate fit or if the commitment to provide professional support to at least one mentee has already been filled.  Group mentors will receive mentee profiles on a rolling basis.

Once a mentor/mentee connection is made, let the flourishing begin!


Mentees are responsible for reviewing the list of potential mentors and completing the mentee registration form.  Of note, current graduate students will be choosing from the Professionals Database and undergraduate students will be choosing from the Graduate Database.  Upon review from the SIPPA Mentoring team, the mentor will be contacted and provided the mentee profile.  Once a fit is made, it is the mentee’s responsibility to initiate contact.  Remember to come prepared with goals and intention with the program!

We encourage mentors-mentees to commit to a six month relationship in which the dyad decides how (e.g., phone, email, in person at conferences) and how often (e.g., weekly, monthly) they would like to be in contact.

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to