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IPPA members may join any division. To join a division, update your member profile as per the instructions on the membership page.

Division Blogs

Divisions communicate with members primarily through blogs and the Monthly News Round-up email. Division projects may include publications, educational webinars, online resources and program content for the World Congress on Positive Psychology.

For division-specific news and announcements, please visit the division blogs.

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  • Students Our student division, SIPPA, connects graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in positive psychology to each other, as well as to learning and mentorship opportunities. Contact SIPPA at
  • Work & Organizations  A forum for academics, researchers, practitioners, and organizations to communicate and collaborate on positive psychology research and application in the organizational and institutional context. Contact the division at
  • Positive Health & Wellness – A forum for researchers, clinicians, policy makers and others to advance the science and practice concerning optimal human health and the positive and protective biopsychosocial factors linked to it. Contact the division at
  • Positive Clinical Psychology – A forum for clinicians, academics, researchers and students to support and advance professional, ethical, effective, evidence-based and culturally responsive practice of positive psychology principles in clinical settings. Contact the division at
  • Positive Education Division – A forum to bridge research and practice related to the application of positive psychology in formal and informal educational settings, and to facilitate collaboration with members from around the world.  The division will support activities related to curriculum, pedagogy, administration, support services, and education systems, with the goal of supporting the well-being, character, and resilience of students, staff, and educational communities as a whole. Contact the division at

Frequently Asked Questions

IPPA Members, Associates, and Students with an active IPPA membership can participate in professional divisions in their field(s) of interest. IPPA Affiliates can subscribe to receive email updates about division activities. IPPA Students are automatically enrolled in SIPPA.

First, join IPPA or ensure your existing membership is up-to-date. Once you have an active IPPA membership, please log in to your IPPA profile and click Edit / View Information. There you will see a section near the bottom of the page with information about our current professional division(s). To register, simply check the division box and save your profile.

It depends on the IPPA division. SIPPA was our first division to form when we first launched our association, and you can read more about their programs – including mentoring, a newsletter, regional representatives, and more – on the SIPPA website. The Work & Organizations Division recently sponsored programming at the Fourth World Congress on Positive Psychology  and announced its first call for papers for their new publication: Positive Work and Organizations: Research and Practice.  

IPPA Divisions rely heavily on volunteer support to create the programs that will best serve our mission and our community. If you are interested in getting involved with one of our existing divisions, please contact us online and we will share your interest with the most relevant individuals. Thank you for your support of IPPA!