Join SIPPA’s Executive Team!

Thank you for your interest in SIPPA! We are the student division of the International Positive Psychology Association.  SIPPA’s mission is to create a community for students of positive psychology by facilitating networking, collaboration and mentorship.

We have several exciting opportunities for SIPPA members. Regional Representative roles at SIPPA are available on an ongoing basis. The following opportunities available to begin in 2018

Read below for more information or contact us at

About the Executive Committee

1)   The Executive Committee’s responsibilities include:

(a)    Formulating policies;

(b)   Acting on the behalf of SIPPA in accordance with the SIPPA Constitution; and

(c)    Providing all administrative oversight and directions as needed.

2)   The Chair, Chair-Elect, and Past-Chair will serve for one year.

3)   The Communications Representative, Membership & Recruitment Representative, and Conference Planning Representative will serve for a two-year term.

4) Executive committee members should complete their term prior to graduation.

Contribute to the SIPPA Newsletter!

It’s such a great experience writing something you believe in and then seeing your work published amongst your colleagues and peers. Your words could be shared with those you wish to collaborate with and admire. SIPPA invites student members to submit articles and ideas for its newsletter on an on-going basis.
Perhaps you would like to write a book review or research brief of an article you found interesting. Maybe you would like to provide commentary on an issue facing students who are studying positive psychology (e.g. how to apply for a PhD, how to find support for your work, how to explain what positive psychology is to varied audiences). Send us your articles or ideas!